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Engine Restoration

Engine Restoration


We get asked this a lot, as for a customer its an important question to ask not just to find out what work will be carried out for there money but also for us to explain the hard work that goes into each engine restored.

This is an example of what we turn into a first class engine to be reused for a long time to come!


We are not a 9-5 business and are open 7 days a week from early morning to late into the evening so we are always on hand to help in anyway we can.


The first thing to do if you would like an engine restored is to give us a call and discuss your requirments. We will restore an engine to any budget from a cosmetic clean up to a full strip and rebuild.


We will ask for the fuel in the engine to be removed and the engine packaged in cardboard and bubblewrap for its transport to us. We will organise all paperwork and bookings to suit the customer to enable UPS to collect.

The engine will arrive the following morning where we will carry out a full list of tests and observations and discuss our findings with the customer.


For a full rebuild we carry out the following:


After its initial checks we will strip the engine of all its components and check all for damage and wear. The engine block, fuel tank, prop and gearbox are stripped and put into primer before having a good few coats of new paint and finished in 2 pack lacquer we will then replace the driveshaft tube for a newly chromed one.


Once all the paintwork is completed and all other components either replaced or cleaned the rebuild starts. We always use all new gaskets and bolts where required and replace piston rings, throttle cable, prop spring, plug cap and any other item deemed not in a serviceable state.


All oil is replaced in the gearbox and then gearbox is  connected to the engine, at this point we hand make a new exhaust from top quality stainless steel to original specification and fitted. All optional extras can be fitted at this time or during the rebuild process.

The engine then is put through initial testing which involves a slow speed run then a high speed run where we check optimum performance and coolant flow. The final stage of testing is a endurance run to make sure all is running fine at full temperature.


We then organise shipping back to the customer at a day best for them and package the engine all ready for collection.


All engines go back with a full 6 month warranty as well as full instructions and new pull cord


All spares can be included with the engine if required such as spare prop springs and oil.


Once the engine has returned back to the customer – we are still here to help with any questions or advise that is required.




We supply the Engine

40 Model Engines (40+ and Featherweight)

Basic Restoration - Engine rebuilt without cosmetic restoration

3 months Warranty


Full Restoration - Engine and Gearbox rebuild

Chromed driveshaft tube , Stainless Exhaust , Tank decal - Full repaint to standard colours

New Parts where required - Rotor, All gaskets etc

12 month warranty


Century Models (Century,Century+, Silver Century and 102 models

Basic Restoration - Engine rebuild without cosmetic restoration

3 months Warranty


Full Restoration - Complete Engine and Gearbox rebuild

Chromed driveshaft tube , Stainless Exhaust , Tank decal - Full repaint to standard colours

New Parts where required - Rotor, All gaskets etc

12 month warranty



We can also cater for unique paintwork as well as chrome work

Please be aware we carry a large range of used engines in stock but all are restored to order so we dont have prerestored engines

We will do our best to supply the engine required but cannot be guaranteed


What does the Warranty include:

Any fault or failure due to normal use - we will have the engine returned to us free of charge, repair and send back free of charge

Please make sure you retain the original box for the duration of the warranty.

As these engines are all restored to individuals and not on mass we are not able to offer either buy backs or refunds on specialized engines, We will always do what we can to help in every situation, and are always here for advice and help for all British Seagull Owners.

Part Exchanged engines available now!

Fully serviced and all come with a 3 month warranty and avaialble now!

Engines Ready for Sale NOW!

Various 3hp 40+ Standard shaft models

Various 4hp Century Standard or Longshaft





For more information or advice please call 01326 241778 or email us anytime


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